Chrysalis Butterfly and CrossLexington Chrysalis #13

Lexington Chrysalis was held October 3-5, 1997 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk were:

The theme song for Chrysalis #13 was Step by Step.


Caterpillars and Team of Flight #13

Flight 13 Boys

The Boys of Chrysalis Flight #13

Flight 13 Girls

The Girls of Chrysalis Flight #13


The following Caterpillars were on Flight #13. Please pray that these young men and women may continue to fully experience the power of God's Grace after their Chrysalis..

  1. Andrew Allender
  2. Brian Baird
  3. Amanda Beverly
  4. Bretchen Blaszkiewicz
  5. Alex Cutadean
  6. Margaret Fannin
  7. Brennan Flora
  8. Michelle Foster
  9. Courtney Fugate
  10. Laura Garrison
  11. Amanda Greer
  12. Carlos Iboy
  13. Ann Jackson
  14. Adam Kays
  15. Yolanda Leclaire
  16. Kerry McKinney
  17. Alex Miller
  18. Lindy Ramsay
  19. Leslie Redwine
  20. Ruthie Shafer
  21. Will Shafer
  22. Allen Smith
  23. Karen Stewart
  24. Bea Underwood-Sweet
  25. Alison Walsh
  26. Michelle Whisman
  27. Angela Young


Team Members

Lay Director (Boys)
(Priesthood of all Believers)
Stan Lewis
Lay Director (Girls)
(Priesthood of All Believers)
Teresa Lewis
Asst Lay Director Smith Hundley
Asst Lay Director Janet Jackson
Asst Lay Director (Boys)
Steve Demaree
Asst Lay Director (Girls)
Susan Harmon
Asst Lay Director - Youth (Boys)
(Next Steps)
Andy Martin
Asst Lay Director - Youth (Girls)
(Next Steps)
Blythe Hundley
Spiritual Director
(God's Gift to You)
Don Crowson
Asst Spiritual Dir
(God Loves You)
Brian Small
Asst Spiritual Dir
(God Designed You)
Kathy Potter
Asst Spiritual Dir
(God Forgives You)
Mike Rocheleau
Asst Spiritual Dir
(God Empowers You)
Music Leader - Adult
(Single Life)
Ellis Newman
Music - Youth Nathan Carrick
Music Linda Stewart
Music - Youth
(Christian Action)
Kelly Demaree
Prayer Vigil - Adult Gary R. Williams
Prayer Vigil - Youth Wes Perry
Prayer Vigil Laura Walters
Youth Table Leader (Boys)
Matt Southers
Youth Table Leader (Boys) Matt Williams
Youth Table Leader (Boys)
(Growth Through Study)
Patrick Duff
Youth Table Leader (Boys)
(Christian Action)
Seth Robinson
Youth Table Leader (Boys)
Steve Montgomery
Adult Table Leader (Boys)
(Communication throgh Prayer)
Bill Henry
Adult Table Leader (Boys) Gary G. Williams
Adult Table Leader (Boys) Gary Walters
Adult Table Leader (Boys) Paul Shafer
Adult Table Leaders (Boys)
Steve & Regina
Youth Table Leader (Girls)
Kara Rainey
Youth Table Leader (Girls) Stephanie Otis
Youth Table Leader (Girls) Kimberly Harmon
Youth Table Leader (Girls)
(Growth Through Study)
Stacy Patterson
Youth Table Leader (Girls)
Cheryl Crowe
Adult Table Leader (Girls) Willie Gaumond
Adult Table Leader (Girls)
(Communication through Prayer)
Asley Mann
Adult Table Leader (Girls)
(Single Life)
Gretchen Potter
Adult Table Leader (Girls) Gail Sievert
Adult Table Leader (Girls)
Patti & Scott
Agape Co-Leader Julie Lindemuth
Agape Co-Leader David Lindemuth
Agape Asst. Nell Demaree
Agape Asst. Ben Hill
Agape Asst. Courtney Larkin
Agape Asst. Darby Patterson
Kitchen Coordinator Julie Jobryce

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