Chrysalis Butterfly and CrossLexington Chrysalis #24 For Girls

Lexington Chrysalis #24 For Girls was held February 20 - 22, 2004 at Cedarmore Camp.

Community events for this walk were:

The theme song for Chrysalis #24 was ??


Caterpillars and Team of Flight #24


The following Caterpillars participated in Flight #24. Please pray that these young women may continue to fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their Chrysalis.

  1. Leslie Allen
  2. Alison Greer
  3. Mindy Hillard
  4. Kelly Hoeksema
  5. Rachel McCauley
  6. Anna Moderau
  7. Julia Philips
  8. Sara Phillips


Team Members

Lay Director
(Priesthood of All Believers)
Kelly Demaree
Lay Director in Training
(Growth through Study)
Amy Winn
Asst Lay Director
(Next Steps)
Kelly Dehr
Asst Lay Director
Carolyn Hayes
Spiritual Director
(God 's Gift to You)
Stan Schilffarth
Asst Spiritual Dir Bill Hughes
Asst Spiritual Dir Jerri Williams
Asst Spiritual Dir Steve Adams
Asst Spiritual Dir  
Music Leader
(Single Life)
Lacy Heismann
Prayer Vigil Kate Sapp
Prayer Vigil Ashlei Rogers
Table Leader
MacKenzie Crigger
Table Leader Kathy Rosewell
Table Leader
Beth McReynolds
Table Asst.
(The Prodigal)
Katie Beeles
Table Asst.
(Christian Actions)
Emily Crumrine
Table Asst.
Stephanie Issacs
Agape Kim Colley
Agape Erica Wright
Agape Paula Shafer
Agape Jill Schilffarth
Agape Sierra Ensley

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