Chrysalis Butterfly and CrossLexington Chrysalis #33 For Boys and Girls

Lexington Chrysalis #33 for Boys and Girls will be held February 18-20, 2012 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk will be:

The theme song for Chrysalis #33 was TBD.


Caterpillars and Team of Flight #33

Boys of Flight #33


Girls of Flight #33



The following Caterpillars participated in Flight #33. Please pray that these young men and women may continue to fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their Chrysalis.

  1. Kyle Allen
  2. Haley Andes
  3. Chandra Babbitt
  4. Eryn Baldwin
  5. Harold Brabon
  6. Matthew Bryant
  7. Lauren Burgel
  8. Kayla Clevenger
  9. Jacob Coburn
  10. Alyssa Dailey
  11. Haylie Dennis
  12. Alexis Draut
  13. Matt Grych
  14. Kelsey Hein
  15. Dakota Hisle
  16. Claire Hovee
  17. Hannah Hyatt
  18. Allysyne Lockhart
  19. Malcolm Miller
  20. Stallone Morales
  21. Maria Moss
  22. Kique Ortiz
  23. Aaron Plummer
  24. Emily Price
  25. Norella Reyes
  26. Celeste Rupp
  27. Eddie Salinas
  28. Phil Salmen
  29. Will Salmen
  30. Shelby Sams
  31. Adam Singleton
  32. Austin Slaven
  33. Maddy Swiney
  34. Mason Thompson
  35. Caleb Turley
  36. John Williams
  37. Sarah Wilson
  38. Marisa Yerace

Team Members




Earl Taylor (Priesthood of All Believers) Lay Director Dana Ellis (Priesthood of all Believers)
Vince Coppola ALD Adult Becky Coppola (Communication through Prayer)
Howard Rosewell ALD Adult  
Ron Devrick Technical Coordinator Kathy Rosewell
Ryan Yoder (Next Steps) ALD Youth Katlyn Delaney (Christian Action)
  Lay Director in Training  
Scott Wilson (God's Gift to You) Spiritual Director Bob Coppings (God Empowers You)
Lee Davis (God Designed You) Asst. Spiritual Director Scott Wilson (God's Gift to You)
Kevin Burgess (God Loves You) Asst. Spiritual Director Lee Davis (God Designed You)
Bob Coppings (God Empowers You) Asst. Spiritual Director Kevin Burgess (God Loves You)
Katie Grover (God Sustains you) Asst. Spiritual Director Katie Grover (God Sustains you)
Michael Deaton Music Leader Laurie White
Austin Fraley Music Assistant Bailey Macey
Alan Napier (Faith) Adult Table Leader Anna Bryant
Jeremy Prater (Communication in Prayer) Adult Table Leader Sarah Hiner (Single Life)
Robbie Hale Adult Table Leader Angie Prater
Devin Joyce (Single Life) Adult Table Leader Lori Hale
  Adult Table Leader Veronica Taylor
  Adult Table Leader  
Philip Pope (Prodigal) Youth Table Leader Samantha Easterling (Ideals)
C.J. Leopold (Ideals) Youth Table Leader Miranda Ellis (Growth through Study)
Brandon Graham (Growth Through Study) Youth Table Leader Caroline Miller (Next Steps)
Tyler Sebastian (Christian Action) Youth Table Leader Rachel Quinn (Prodigal)
  Youth Table Leader Kelcy Prater (faith)
Howard Rosewell Marriage Talk Kathy Rosewell
Ralph Clay Prayer Coordinator Donna New
Orville Wolff Prayer Vigil Emma Gosser
  Prayer Vigil Elly Gilbert
Shad Stewart Agape Coordinator Sharon Meade
Todd Yoder Agape Team Keisha Gatewood
Thomas Sloan Agape Team Morgan High
  Agape Team Craig Hicks
  Agape Team Paul Sainato
Norbert Allen Kitchen Leader Colleen Smith Davis
Hayley Fruth Kitchen (Shared)  
Katie Chappel Kitchen (Shared)  
Karyn Chappel Kitchen (Shared)  
Joe McVey Kitchen (Shared)  

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