Chrysalis Butterfly and CrossLexington Chrysalis #34 For Girls

Lexington Chrysalis #34 for Girls was held July 28-30, 2012 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk were:

The theme song for Chrysalis #34 was "Inside Out".


Caterpillars and Team of Flight #34



The following Caterpillars participated in Flight #34. Please pray that these young men and women may continue to fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their Chrysalis.

  1. Corrie Bascom
  2. Sarah Bradley
  3. Hope Broughton
  4. Stacey Clymer
  5. Haylie Dennis
  6. Lily Gosser
  7. Caroline Huckabay
  8. Dor'cas Kaindu
  9. Bailey Lake
  10. Knacey Grace Loomer
  11. Micayah Mills
  12. Eunice Reyes
  13. Emily VanWinkle


Team Members

Lay Director
(Priesthood of All Believers)
Regina Burris
ALD Adult/Tech Coordinator
(Communication Through Prayer
Jane Yerace
ALD Adult Mary Twitty
ALD Youth
(Next Steps)
Rachel Quinn
Lay Director in Training Becky Coppola
Spiritual Director
(God's Gift to You)
Chris Howlett
Asst. Spiritual Director
(God Designed You)
Mary Lou Stephens
Asst. Spiritual Director
(God Sustains You)
Scott Martin
Asst. Spiritual Director
(God Empowers You)
Michael Deaton
Asst. Spiritual Director
(God Loves You)
Kevin Burgess
Music Leader Laurie White
Music Assistant
Bailey Macey
Adult Table Leader
(Single Life)
Buffy Kinnell
Adult Table Leader Jaine Steward
Adult Table Leader
Carrie Ann Wheeler
Youth Table Leader
(Christian Growth Through Study)
Marisa Yerace
Youth Table Leader
Hannah Hyatt
Youth Table Leader
(Christian Action)
Ashley Hylbert
Marriage Talk Jaime and Shad Steward
Prayer Coordinator Prudence Walz
Prayer Vigil Kat Delaney
Prayer Vigil Anna Bryant
Agape Coordinator Janet Jackson
Agape Team AndeWilliams
Agape Team Ruth Ann Martin
Agape Team Alyssa Dailey
Agape Team Steve Burris
Agape Team Evan Collins
Agape Team Josh New
Kitchen Leader Jen Deaton
Kitchen Karen O'Connell
Kitchen Destin Strauss

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