Chrysalis Butterfly and CrossLexington Chrysalis #35 For Boys and Girls

Lexington Chrysalis #35 for Boys and Girls was held February 15-18, 2012 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk were:

The theme song for Chrysalis #35 was TBD.


Caterpillars and Team of Flight #35

Boys of Flight #35


Girls of Flight #35



The following Caterpillars participated in Flight #35. Please pray that these young men and women may continue to fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their Chrysalis.


  1. Jake Bryant
  2. Logan Carver
  3. Rick Childress
  4. Christopher Cobb
  5. Michael Pekrul
  6. John Rogers
  7. Andrew Rose
  8. Richard Saldana
  9. Christian Sandrock
  10. Logan Sears
  11. Andrew Singleton
  12. Alex Sipple
  13. Nathan Tanksley
  14. Garret Wheeler 


  1. Talynn Bottoms
  2. Jessie Bryant
  3. Megan Burnight
  4. Nicole Carpenter
  5. Julietta DeBord
  6. Emilee Edington
  7. Brittany Friend
  8. Kaitlyn Hargis
  9. Darian Johnson
  10. Hannah Jordan
  11. Syera King
  12. Joanah Loomer
  13. Kamila McDowell
  14. Olivia Meade
  15. Gabrielle Price
  16. Courtney Paige Rupp
  17. Bianca Salinas
  18. Autumn Wall
  19. Brianna Williamson
  20. Megan Yocum 

Team Members

Name Position Talk Name Position
Becky Coppola Lay Director Priesthood of All Believers Michael Deaton Lay Director
Jane Yerace Adult ALD   Shad Stewart Adult ALD
Sarah Hiner Adult ALD      
Marisa Yerace Youth ALD Next Steps Austin Fraley Youth ALD
Ande Williams Tech   Ron Devrick Tech
Lisa Simpson Adult table leader Communication through prayer Paul Purcell Adult Table Leader
Jen Deaton Adult table leader Marriage Michael Deaton Lay Director
Carolyn Bottom Adult table leader Faith Ken Lucky Adult Table Leader
Buffy Kinnell Adult table leader Single Life Evan Michael Collins Adult ALD
Glenda Yadon Adult table leader   Travis Mattox Adult Table Leader
      Allen Napier Adult Table Leader
Emily Bradley Youth Table Leader Prodigal Enrique Ortiz Youth Table Leader
Miranda Ellis Youth Table Leader Christian Action Matthew Bryant Youth Table Leader
Emily VanWinkle Youth Table Leader Ideals Tyler Sebastian Youth Table Leader
Morgan High Youth Table Leader Christian growth through study C.J. Leopold Youth Table Leader
Stacey Clymer Youth Table Leader      
Rachel Quinn Music   Mark Price Music
Tessa Adkins Music      
Scott Wilson Spiritual Director God's Gift to You    
Kevin Burgess Asst SD God Sustains you    
Geno Washington Asst SD God Designed You    
Tracy Parker Asst SD God Loves You    
Elad Shapira Asst SD God Empowers You    
Janet Jackson  Agape Lead   Josh New Facilities/Agape
Dorkas Caindoo Agape     Zane Morrison Facilities/Agape
Hope Broughton Agape     Devin Joyce Facilities/Agape
Michelle Wilson Agape        
Amanda Bonner Agape        
Kat Delaney Agape        
Jo Clem Prayer Chapel   Earl Taylor  
Susan Bryant Prayer Chapel   Jacob Coburn  
Bailey Macey Prayer Chapel      
Cong Potter Kitchen Coordinator      
Jessica Dominguez Kitchen        
Alice Chumbley Kitchen        
Jennifer Marshall Kitchen        
Mary Lou Stephen Kitchen      


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