Chrysalis Butterfly and CrossLexington Chrysalis #36 For Boys and Girls

Lexington Chrysalis #36 for Boys and Girls was held February 15-17, 2014 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk were:

The theme song for Chrysalis #36 was TBD.


Caterpillars and Team of Flight #36

Boys of Flight 36


Girls of Flight 36


The following Caterpillars participated in Flight #36. Please pray that these young men and women may continue to fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their Chrysalis.


  1. Noah Hamilton
  2. Taylor Evans
  3. Matt VanAlstine
  4. Jon Johnson
  5. Marquis Hale
  6. DJ Blakenship
  7. David Southgate
  8. Chris Nettleton
  9. Laz Wilkerson
  10. Dylan Gayhart
  11. Chris Grych
  12. Caleb Garrison


  1. Hannah Gillespie
  2. Emily Hannan
  3. Caroline Lykins
  4. Stacie Friend
  5. Carrie Irvin
  6. Taylor Matthews
  7. Izzy Deaton
  8. Erin Carrus
  9. Shey Trent
  10. Trinity Wilbur
  11. Lexie Callaham
  12. Whitley Bartley
  13. Heather Ramsay
  14. Lanna Wilson
  15. Haley Rogers
  16. Latieya Ray
  17. Autumn Youngs
  18. DeAngela Keller
  19. Maike Lammerman
  20. Jordan Turley
  21. Jessie Rice
  22. Amanda Iocono

Team Members
Name Position Talk Name Position
Carrie Wheeler Lay Director Priesthood of All Believers Shad Stewart Lay Director
Lacy Rhinheart Adult ALD Single Life Evan Collins Adult ALD
Maria Richie Adult ALD   Ryan Copple Adult ALD
Sam Easterling Youth ALD Next Steps Jacob Wilson Youth ALD
Susan Bryant Tech   Michael Coston Tech
Alice Chumbly Adult table leader Faith Jamie Jordan Adult table leader
Jennifer Marshall Adult table leader   Eddie McNutt Adult table leader
Anitria Coston Adult table leader Marriage - Michael & Anitria Coston Robbie Shrout Adult table leader
Brandi Ritchie Adult table leader Communication Through Prayer Scott Rinehard Adult table leader
Stephanie Carpenter Youth Table Leader The Prodigal Matthew Bryant Youth Table Leader
Hannah Jordan Youth Table Leader Christian Action Jake Bryant Youth Table Leader
Tessa Adkins Youth Table Leader Growth Through Study Enrique Ortiz Youth Table Leader
Canaan Davis Youth Table Leader Ideals Josh Marshall Youth Table Leader
Bailey Marcy Music   Malcolm Miller Music
Chris Howlett Spiritual Director God's Gift to You Chris Howlett Spiritual Director
Mary Lou Stephens Asst SD God Empowers You Mary Lou Stephens Asst SD
Michael Deaton Asst SD God Sustains you Michael Deaton Asst SD
Corey Nelson Asst SD God Designed You Corey Nelson Asst SD
Seth Denny Asst SD God Loves You Seth Denny Asst SD
Kat Delaney Agape Lead   Kat Delaney Agape Lead
Tina Scott Agape   Tina Scott Agape
Amanda Bonner Agape     Amanda Bonner Agape  
Brittany Friend Agape     Brittany Friend Agape  
Josh New Agape     Josh New Agape  
Jane Yerace Prayer Chapel   Jane Yerace Prayer Chapel
Anna Bryant Prayer Chapel   Anna Bryant Prayer Chapel
Jen Deaton Kitchen Coordinator   Jen Deaton Kitchen Coordinator
Jamie Stewart Kitchen     Jamie Stewart Kitchen  
Emma Gosser Kitchen   Emma Gosser Kitchen
Brianna Williamson Kitchen     Brianna Williamson Kitchen  
  Kitchen     Kitchen


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