Chrysalis Butterfly and CrossLexington Chrysalis #37 For Boys and Girls

Lexington Chrysalis #36 for Boys and Girls was held February 14-16, 2015 at the AdventureServe Camp located at 709 Main St. in Wilmore, Ky.

Community events for this walk were:

The theme song for Chrysalis #37 was TBD.


Caterpillars and Team of Flight #37

Girls of Flight #27


Boys of Flight #37



The following Caterpillars participated in Flight #37. Please pray that these young men and women may continue to fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their Chrysalis.


  1. Amity Burton
  2. Emily Youngs
  3. Georgia Danhire
  4. Molly Grych
  5. Emily Upchurch
  6. Lauren Upchurch
  7. Lauren Myre
  8. Lindy Allen
  9. Hannah Nystrom
  10. Madison Fisher
  11. Ashton Fitzpatrick


  1. Chase Valandingham
  2. Zach Myre
  3. Robbie Riley
  4. Triston Yazell
  5. Andrew Raymundo
  6. Trenton Hubbard
  7. David Shropshire
  8. Cristian Juarez


Team Members
Name Position Talk Name Position
Susan Bryant Lay Director Priesthood of All Believers    
    Priesthood of All Believers & Christian Action Evan Collins Lay Director
Lacy Rinehart ALD   Scott Rinehart ALD
Jen Marshall ALD     ALD
    Prayer Shad Stewart ALD
    Single Life Enrique Ortiz ALD
Tate Reynolds ALD Next Steps Elijah Burris Tech
Sharon Meade Table leader Prayer   Table leader
Pam Barr Table leader     Table leader
Julie Walker Table leader Single Life   Table leader
Jordan Turley Table leader Ideals Taylor Evans Table leader
Autumn Youngs Table leader Growth Through Study Josh New Table leader
Jessica Bryant Table leader Christian Action   Table leader
    Faith Robbie Shrout Table leader
    Marriage Jonathan (& Courtney) Kleppinger Table leader
Tessa Adkins Music The Prodigal    
      Alan Jackson Music
Mary Lou Stephens Co-Spiritual Director God's Gift to You   Spiritual Director
Bob Coppings Co-Spiritual Director God Designed You   Asst SD
Geno Washington Asst SD God Empowers You   Asst SD
Shane Frederick Asst SD God Loves You   Asst SD
Kevin Burgess Asst SD God Sustains You   Asst SD
Donna New Agape Lead   Bob New Agape Lead
Bob New Agape   Donna New Agape
Canaan Davis Agape     Canaan Davis Agape  
Stephanie Carpenter Agape     Stephanie Carpenter Agape  
Matt Bryant Agape     Matt Bryant Agape  
Samantha Easterling Agape   Samantha Easterling Agape
Hannah Gillespie Agape   Hannah Gillespie Agape
Chris Nettleton Agape   Chris Nettleton Agape
Delanna Turley Agape   Delanna Turley Agape
    Prodigal Caleb Garrison Agape
Jane Yerace Prayer Chapel   Jane Yerace Prayer Chapel
Mary Vanlandingham Prayer Chapel   Mary Vanlandingham Prayer Chapel
Carrier Wheeler Kitchen Coordinator   Carrier Wheeler Kitchen Coordinator
Alice Chumbley Kitchen     Alice Chumbley Kitchen  
Carolyn Wheeler Kitchen   Carolyn Wheeler Kitchen
Tina Scott Kitchen     Tina Scott Kitchen  


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