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Greetings and welcome to Lexington Emmaus Community members and also to those of you who have found this web site by purposeful or random searching. My name is Michael Watts, Lexington Walk to Emmaus No. 89, Table of Luke (clap). I am the Lexington Emmaus Community Lay Director for 2017. The Lay Director is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Lexington Emmaus Community, elected for the coming year by the members of the Board of Directors at the last Board meeting of the year. For most of 2015 and all of 2016, I served on the Board of Directors in the Facilities position, responsible for making the physical arrangements for the monthly Gatherings and the Emmaus Walks, Chrysalis Flights and Journeys.

Walk 89 in 2005 was a revealing and transforming experience for me. Up until then, I would have said that Yes, I am a Christian. But God resided on a throne in a faraway place. My relationship with Him would have been very similar to the relationship with that uncle that only seems to make it to the family Christmas gatherings every 3 or 4 years. Aware that the uncle existed, but not much intimacy in the relationship at all. My Walk was very similar to the experience the disciples had on the road to Emmaus as told in Luke 24:13-35. They traveled along the road for a significant distance, never realizing that Jesus was by their side. Many times we can wonder how a particular passage in the Bible can have application in our lives today. Just as the disciples realized who their companion was in the breaking of the bread, so I realized who and where Jesus was during my Walk. He was walking with me every day, had been walking with me all the days of my life. Through the joys and sorrows, and the plain ordinary days too.

In the years after Walk 89, I would stop by during an Emmaus Walk every now and then to help out for a couple of hours over the course of the weekend. I may have been invited to be part of a Walk team prior to Walk 104, but for Walk 104 I finally said Yes. And my life changed again. It has been very much a blessing to spend a weekend watching the transformation that I experienced during Walk 89 occur in other people and to be a small part of the outpouring of love that occurs on an Emmaus Walk. I have been on the Agape team, been in the kitchen, and most recently a table leader for Walk 131.

It takes a village to do an Emmaus Walk, Chrysalis Flight or Journey.

If you are a prayer warrior, we need you.

If you can cook for large groups of people, we need you.

If you don’t mind washing dishes, we need you.

If you are comfortable speaking in front of people, we need you.

If you are a good listener, we need you.

If you are good at organizing stuff, we need you.

If you are good at organizing people, we need you.

If you can transform a large open space into a thing of beauty with a selection of odds and ends decorations, we need you.

If you can act, sing, dance, or play a musical instrument in public, we need you.

If you can be a pack mule hauling stuff from here to there and back again, we need you.

If you are willing to spend 16-18 hr. days being an instrument to demonstrate God’s love to strangers, we need you.

If you see people in your life that are trying to walk with the Lord and may need some help in finding their way, or that have the potential to be leaders in their church community, we need you most of all. Without sponsors and the people they bring, there would be no need to have an Emmaus Walk, Chrysalis Flight or Journey.

Many resources are available to you on this web site. The event calendar is here. The Emmaus Walk, Chrysalis Flight and Journey application form is here. Past monthly Newsletters are here. The history of the Lexington Emmaus Community is here. Please explore.

If you have questions, if you are interested in participating in, sponsoring someone for, or serving on the team for, an Emmaus Walk, Chrysalis Flight or Journey, please feel free to contact me or any other member of the Board of Directors listed on the Contact Us page.

I look forward to 2017 and the great things that we can accomplish if we are obedient to our Lord and Savior.


Michael Watts

Community Lay Director 2017


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