The Spiritual Director Says...


My name is Bruce Hiner. As of January 1st, I am honored to serve as the spiritual director for the Lexington Emmaus community. I know many of you who will be reading this, and I would love to get to know many more of you in the coming months. But that is only possible if you are actively involved in the activities that surround the walks and gatherings!


Do you remember how God touched your heart on your pilgrim walk or flight through the people you saw at Agapeland, or Candlelight? Do you remember being blown away by seeing the names of so many people on the prayer chart, or seeing how many people were involved at closing? You can be part of God’s work in the life of another pilgrim or butterfly by being one of that great cloud of witnesses in the upcoming walks. And you can experience the amazing fellowship of the Emmaus community by taking part in the monthly gatherings.


But the greatest gift you can give is to sponsor a person to attend the next walks or flights. Applications and information can be found on our newly renovated website. I want to talk a moment about sponsorship. You would have never been able to experience the incredible blessing of the 3-day Emmaus weekend except for the work and commitment of your sponsor. That person saw something in you that told them you might be ready to grow a lot closer to Christ. That person saw something that suggested you might be able to grow into a leader in your church. And so they took a chance and made the sacrifices needed to sponsor you for a walk or flight.


I know there are people around you in whom you see the potential for spiritual growth and leadership. Can you think of any better way to encourage those things than to sponsor them for an Emmaus weekend, Chrysalis flight or Journey?


The process of team formation will begin very soon for the spring walks. What a gift it would be for those teams if they knew that they already had a full roster of pilgrims registered before they even began their team meetings! You can make that happen. Ask those people in your church, workplace or school in whom you see the hunger to grow in grace. Get their applications in now, and get the dates on your calendars now. And then get involved! You will be really glad you did.

De Colores,

Bruce Hiner


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