Lexington Women's Walk #118

Lexington Women's Walk to Emmaus #118 will be held October 25-28, 2012 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk will be:

The theme song for Lexington Women's Walk #118 was TBD.


Pilgrims and Team of Walk #118


The following Pilgrims participated in Walk #118. Please pray that these women may fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their 72 hour Walk to Emmaus.

  1. Barb Yorks
  2. Dixie Solomon
  3. Phyllis Goins
  4. Beth Ellis
  5. Alice Chumbley
  6. Jen Marshall
  7. Jan Futrell
  8. Yolande Jones
  9. Alice Dunn
  10. Donna Farmer
  11. Anita Carrender
  12. Anne Griese
  13. Jackie Hanson
  14. Laura Hayek
  15. La'Shelle Allen
  16. Agnes Palmgreen
  17. Mim Miranda
  18. Jessica Dominguez
  19. Debbie Williams
  20. Megan McCrory
  21. Dede Newcomb
  22. Tracy Quinn
  23. Becky Brooker
  24. Ella Wilson

Team Members

Lay Director
Marcy Baugh
Asst Lay Director
Julia Leopold
Asst Lay Director
(4th Day)
Elly Gilbert
(Christian Action)
Ande Williams
Spiritual Director
(Means of Grace)
Bob Coppings
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Prevenient Grace)
Debra Massengale
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Justifying Grace)
Mary Lou Stephens
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Obstacles to Grace)
Desiree Youngblood
Asst Spiritual Director
(Sanctifying Grace)
Katie Grover
Lay Director in Training  
Music Leader Becky Strong
Music Asst
(Priesthood of All Believers)
Jan Smith
Prayer Vigil Leader Patricia Walsh
Prayer Vigil Gail Hester
Table Leader Molly Burlew
Table Leader Joy Hawley
Table Leader Connie Coppings
Table Leader Shawnee Schoon
Table Leader Trudy Mills
Table Leader Ruth Ann Martin
Asst Table Leader
(Changing Our World)
Cheryl Napier
Asst Table Leader
(Growth Through Study)
Cathy Sainato
Asst Table Leader
(Body of Christ)
Colleen Davis
Asst Table Leader Karen O'Connell
Asst Table Leader
Donna Eastburn
Asst Table Leader
(Life in Piety)
Elizabeth Williams
Agape Leader Sarah Hiner
Agape Carolyn Wheeler
Agape Dorothy Martin
Agape Davina Cook
Agape Kaye Taylor
Facilities Leader  
Facilities Terry Burlew
Kitchen Leader Donna New
Kitchen Angie Prather
Kitchen Lori hale
Kitchen Pam Barr

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