Lexington Men's Walk #55

Lexington Men's Walk to Emmaus #55 is being held now, November 6-9, 1997 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk are:

The theme song for Lexington Men's Walk #55 is "In Moments Like These.".


Pilgrims and Team of Walk #55

Picture of Walk 55


The following Pilgrims attended Walk #55. Please pray that these men may fully experience the power of God's Grace during and after their 72 hour Walk to Emmaus.

  1. Jim Alford
  2. Symonds Botchey
  3. Jeff Briggs
  4. Bill Brittain
  5. Greg Brown
  6. Ray Bruner
  7. Anthony Cleary
  8. Gary Compton
  9. Ron Curd
  10. Bill Eason
  11. Daryl Eason
  12. Edward Erway
  13. Wayne Hamblin
  14. Stephen Johnson
  15. Rhenzi Keys
  16. Eric Kieb
  17. Scott Kries
  18. Barry Leonard
  19. Robert Lockard
  20. Michael Maddox
  21. Seth McClymonds
  22. Jeff McVey
  23. James Morris
  24. Dennis Nelson
  25. John Patterson
  26. Chris Perry
  27. Thomas Richardson
  28. Rob Sergent
  29. Evan Smith
  30. Gary Tarleton
  31. Kevin Ward
  32. Harold Watts


Team Members

Lay Director
David Curry
Asst Lay Director
Don Wright
Asst Lay Director
(4th Day)
Rick Chappel
Spiritual Director
(Means of Grace)
Allen Gibson
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Previent of Grace)
Deborah Witmer
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Justifying Grace)
Tim Thompson
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Obstacles to Grace)
Bill Hughes
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Sanctifying Grace)
Ron Crandall
Lay Director in Training Doug Butler
Music Director Keith Wright
Prayer Vigil Leader Stephen Boyd
Prayer Vigil Bobby Tolson
Table Leader
(Body of Christ)
Harold Burton
Table Leader David Banks
Table Leader Ted Gyorffy
Table Leader Marvin Welch
Table Leader Don Baker
Table Leader Steve Adams
Asst Table Leader
(Life in Piety)
Mark Comfort
Asst Table Leader
(Christian Action)
John Scott
Asst Table Leader
(Changing Our World)
Bill Anderson
Asst Table Leader
Tony Hale
Asst Table Leader
Roger Tremaine
Asst Table Leader
(Growth through Study)
Bill Alley
Agape Leader Jeff Miller
Agape Asst. Dane Poe
Agape Asst. Ken Robertson
Agape Asst. Marty Niehaus
Agape Asst. Harvey Sigmon
Facilities Leader Paul Southgate
Facilities Johnny King
Kitchen Leader Randy Lovell
Kitchen Billy Long

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