Lexington Women's Walk #60

Lexington Women's Walk to Emmaus #60 will be held August 27-30, 1998 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk are:

The theme song for Lexington Women's Walk #60 is Lord, We lift Your Name on High.


Pilgrims and Team of Walk #60

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The following Pilgrims are registered for Walk #60. Please pray that these women may fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their 72 hour Walk to Emmaus.

  1. Marva Allen
  2. Linda Runyon
  3. Laurel Bevil
  4. MaryAnn Boso
  5. Ruth Ann Burchett
  6. Bea Burton
  7. Janet Carpenter
  8. Judi Cellia
  9. Debra Conyers
  10. Leah Cooper
  11. Kathy Fitzgerald
  12. Laurie Kyger
  13. Maria Maxwell
  14. Melanie Newton
  15. Charlan Riley
  16. Cindy Samuels
  17. Sara Tuttle
  18. Marlene Vande Berg
  19. Wanda Whisman
  20. Natalie Williams
  21. Nancy Zierer

Team Members

Lay Director
Gail Harned
Asst Lay Director
(4th Day)
Susan Bailey
Asst Lay Director
Judy McVey
Spiritual Director
(Means of Grace)
Brian Small
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Previent of Grace)
Anne Kleinschmidt
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Justifying Grace)
Art Leach
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Obstacles to Grace)
Barbara Whaley
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Sanctifying Grace)
Don Crowson
Lay Director in Training Sandra Johnson
Music Director Marilyn Locke
Prayer Vigil Leader Marilyn Moore
Prayer Vigil Janie Heaberlin
Table Leader Donna New
Table Leader Sharon Manley
Table Leader
(Body of Christ)
Robin Jessie
Table Leader Lynn Leach
Table Leader Tonia Roberts
Table Leader Jan Maeder
Asst Table Leader
(Life in Piety)
Donna Eastburn
Asst Table Leader
(Changing Our World)
Phyllis Oakes
Asst Table Leader
Connie Poe
Asst Table Leader
Margie Groves
Asst Table Leader
(Growth through Study)
Sandy Buttry
Asst Table Leader
(Christian Action)
Lisa Rumph
Agape/Facilities Coordinator Anne Jackson
Agape/Fac Asst. Teresa Bishop
Agape/Fac Asst. Mary Crowson
Agape/Fac Asst. Debbie Lyons
Agape/Fac Asst. Jenny Brown
Kitchen Leader Darlene Hudson
Kitchen Pat Taylor
Kitchen Fredda Hibpshman

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