Lexington Women's Walk #66

Lexington Women's Walk to Emmaus #66 was held November 11-14, 1999 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk were:

The theme song for Lexington Women's Walk #66 was the "Care Chorus."


Pilgrims and Team of Walk #66

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The following Pilgrims participated in Walk #66. Please pray that these women may fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their 72 hour Walk to Emmaus.

  1. Sandy Allen
  2. Robyn Burchett
  3. Belinda Cole
  4. Sissy Crowe
  5. Pat Deavers
  6. Jenna DeMarco
  7. Sharon Dribnock
  8. Brenda Ellis
  9. Joy Hannan
  10. Connie Hartzler
  11. Rhonda Henderson
  12. Kim Hill
  13. Delores Holman
  14. Stacy Horst
  15. Monica Houtz
  16. Robin Howard
  17. Peggy Igleheart
  18. Dallas Jones
  19. Donna Knox
  20. Myra Knox
  21. Alice Koech
  22. Mary Alice McWhorter
  23. Diane Newton
  24. Carrie Rogers
  25. Terri Sherrow
  26. Judy Sieweke
  27. Jenny Smith
  28. Paula Southgate
  29. Carrie Stroud
  30. Kelly Thaxton
  31. Nancy Wilcher
  32. Barbara Zimmerman


Team Members

Lay Director
Joyce Southgate
Asst Lay Director
Mary Lou Hardie
Asst Lay Director
(4th Day)
Kelly Hamilton
Spiritual Director
(Means of Grace)
Susan Elkow
Asst Spiritual Dir Ron Berry
Asst Spiritual Dir Barbara Whaley
Asst Spiritual Dir Brian Small
Asst Spiritual Dir Phil Hogg
Lay Director in Training Judy McVey
Music Director Susan Henthorn
Prayer Vigil Leader Betsy Curry
Prayer Vigil Pat Cundiff
Table Leader Sue Allis
Table Leader Claire Hundley
Table Leader Nora Putnam
Table Leader Marie Maxwell
Table Leader Marty Sell
Table Leader Linda Sherlin
Asst Table Leader Leanette Stanley
Asst Table Leader Jan Smith
Asst Table Leader Marilyn Moore
Asst Table Leader Donna New
Asst Table Leader Mary Crowson
Asst Table Leader Nancy Shannon
Asst Table Leader Cindy Goodrich
Agape Leader Carol Story
Agape Leader Denese Southgate
Agape Asst. Janelle Lane
Agape Asst. Ryan Elkow
Agape Asst. Karen Southgate
Facilities Leader Herb Southgate
Facilities Asst.. Ken Robertson
Kitchen Leader Janet Butler
Kitchen Pat Draughn

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