Lexington Men's Walk #77

Lexington Men's Walk to Emmaus #77 was held November 7 - 10, 2002 at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Community events for this walk were:

The theme song for Lexington Men's Walk #77 was ??. 


Pilgrims and Team of Walk #77

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The following Pilgrims will participate in Walk #77. Please pray that these men may fully experience the power of God's Grace before, during and after their 72 hour Walk to Emmaus.

  1. Absher, Curtis
  2. Babbage, Bob
  3. Boland, Charlie
  4. Brewer, Ford
  5. Bill Carrico
  6. Colliver, Logan
  7. Gullett, Charlie
  8. Hudson, David
  9. Hunter, Steven
  10. Messner, Bill
  11. Mulberry, Wayne
  12. Pinkston, Jim
  13. Rose, Steve
  14. Schnabel, Philip
  15. Tuska, Seth
  16. Wade, Sean
  17. Wells, Terry
  18. Wolfe, David
  19. Zeller, Mike



Team Members

Lay Director
John Miller
Asst Lay Director
Alec Hardy
Asst Lay Director
(Fourth Day)
Jeff Chandler
Spiritual Director
(Means of Grace)
Bob Coppings
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Prevenient Grace)
Carl Hudson
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Sanctifying Grace)
Don Maness
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Obstacles to Grace)
Max Hester
Asst Spiritual Dir
(Justifying Grace)
Mark Weigt
Lay Director in Training Bob Cox
Music Director Doug Sell
Music Assistant
(Growth through Study)
Scot Hoeksema
Prayer Vigil Leader Barry Frazelle
Prayer Vigil Assistant Andrew Beeghly
Table Leader Norm Galloway
Table Leader
(Life in Piety)
Jeff Ash
Table Leader Stephen Boyd
Table Leader Luther White
Table Leader Jerry Goerz
Asst Table Leader
(Christian Action)
Dan Danford
Asst Table Leader
Joe Martin
Asst Table Leader
Bill Trivisonno
Asst Table Leader
(Changing Our World)
Bob Loy
Asst Table Leader
(Body of Christ)
Jesse Yoder
Agape Leader Howard Rosewell
Agape Bill Crone
Agape Dave Snively
Agape Grant Mathes
Facilities Leader Bob Fortney
Facilities Assistant John Elder
Kitchen Leader Harold Mills
Kitchen Darryl Hofe
Kitchen Ron Naegle

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